Tired of Being in Debt?

Gain Financial Relief by Filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Helping You Live Debt Free

S. Scott Allums is a Tuscaloosa bankruptcy attorney with decades of experience helping people develop efficient plans to eliminate debt. By handling bankruptcy cases, S. Scott Allums provides opportunities that stop repossessions, rebuild credit, and diminish the burden of financial instabilities. Through his in-depth knowledge of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, S. Scott Allums assesses each client’s case in detail to determine the best bankruptcy plan, weigh any risks, and discover opportunities that help regain financial control.

Tuscaloosa Bankruptcy Attorney to Ease Your Financial Fears

If you’ve been struggling to pay your bills for a while, you must face the overwhelming fear of the uncertain future every day. Not knowing when your next paycheck will come in, constant collection calls, repossession and foreclosure notices, and collection lawsuits – all these issues are sure to disrupt your night’s sleep. Over the last 20 years of helping people handle personal financial crises, S. Scott Allums has guided hundreds of individuals to develop manageable frameworks that take care of their monetary problems by filing for bankruptcy, and he can help you too.

Shake off the burden of credit card debt by getting guidance in filing a Tuscaloosa Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy and receive effective solutions to overcome financial hardships while keeping your assets, wiping away debt, and even rebuilding your credit.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt and Medical Bills

Receive a court order 4-5 months upon filing the petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy stating that your Credit Card Debt and Medical Bills have been permanently cleared. Eliminate the fear involved with being in debt and regain control of your finances by being able to use your funds for the well-being of you and your family.

Get Financial Protection and Rebuild Your Credit

Gain protection from your creditors and feel the relief of living debt-free. Stop collection calls and transform your focus from owing to owning. Develop an efficient plan to follow in re-establishing your credit and receive guidance every step of the way, even after bankruptcy.

Stop Repossessions, Foreclosures, and Collection Lawsuits

Get a professional assessment of your unique situation and obtain an effective action scheme that ensures the best possible outcome. Receive guidance in structuring a case that stops collections and allows you to keep your property and assets to help you regain control of your life and get back on track with your money.

Retake Control of Your Finances

If you’ve been struggling to manage your financial wellbeing, you must be feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and in need of professional support. S. Scott Allums is here to pick up your case and establish solutions that take the burden off your shoulders. Stop waiting and risking losing your house or your car – get help in filing a Tuscaloosa Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop repossessions, wipe away debts, and start regaining financial control.

Get well informed about your options, have a professional finance attorney build an action plan to rebuild your credit, and discover any underlying opportunities in your legal situation. S. Scott Allums is here at all times to handle any of your bankruptcy-related issues.